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Innoscape redefines market intelligence processes.

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Our mission

We enable our clients to simplify and accelerate their market intelligence processes for innovation and business development projects.

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Our offer
From detailed and customized market monitoring at your fingertips to direct interaction with market experts worldwide, at Innoscape we offer our clients a variety of technologies and solutions that enable them to boost their market intelligence processes and innovate faster.


Keep a constant watch on your market environment with customized open-data dashboards consultable online 24/7.

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Reduce your time to market with critical insights from subject matter experts worldwide.

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How will OpenWatch and IntelLink improve your market knowledge and help your company innovate faster.

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You have been contacted by Innoscape and you wonder how it works and what is in it for you.

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Why Innoscape
Our solutions & services allowed our clients to save up to 35% on the time and resources they normally spend on market intelligence, while reducing their time to market by as much as 20%.

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An efficiency booster


We help you rationalize your intelligence & innovation processes so that you have more time and resources to focus on your operational goals.

An extension of your team


Our Researchers and Project managers have top-level technical education, local markets expertise and first experience in B2B industrial sectors (R&D, marketing, production).

Solutions fully customizable to your needs


Our versatile products and services are designed to adjust to your needs. No matter how specific your demands, we deliver tailor-made results.

Some "grey hairs" when required

Some business spaces are sometimes challenging without the support of insiders. This is why we are supported by a carefully selected network of fellows on key markets.

Case studies

Open<b>Watch</b> OpenWatch
Market Dashboards

Multi-market trends dashboard

Business challenge

The Asia division of a global €4bn chemical additives group faced the regular challenge to explain & forecast performance vs. market situation.
How to deal with diversity & availability of Open Data sources?

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Open<b>Watch</b> - Multi-market trends dashboard

“Our reporting processes used to struggle forever from missing or inconsistent market intelligence data. With Innoscape’s help now we can count that data will be always available and easy to analyse. I love the export to mail functions which accelerate the interaction flows.”

Divisional CFO
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