Key project focus

  • Voice of Customers on distributor performance in a non-English speaking geographical territory.


Innoscape Identified 3 experts from 3 key prospects, and after vetting by the client, proceeded with phone interviews.

3 executives from key potential customers in the Sichuan province in China

Project impact

  • Direct inputs collected in this case by the Innoscape team in Chinese language.
  • Outcome enabled the client to identify a potential conflict of interest limiting distributor’s incentive to perform at least 2 accounts.


Innoscape ability to identify the right experts in China and to interview them in local language was quite impressive. The project enabled us to make the right commercial decision in a new territory not easily accessible for our European organization.

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Market Dashboards

Multi-market trends dashboard

Business challenge

The Asia division of a global €4bn chemical additives group faced the regular challenge to explain & forecast performance vs. market situation.
How to deal with diversity & availability of Open Data sources?

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Open<b>Watch</b> - Multi-market trends dashboard

“Our reporting processes used to struggle forever from missing or inconsistent market intelligence data. With Innoscape’s help now we can count that data will be always available and easy to analyse. I love the export to mail functions which accelerate the interaction flows.”

Divisional CFO
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