Our requirements

You have acquired a deep and pratical experience in a field relevant to our clients

Your understanding of how raw materials and components are integrated to create a new product will help potential suppliers to identify and customize better the products to be sold to your industry.
You are curious to interact as expert with people changing the status quo in a field and understand what and how they are aiming to introduce to market.

You have been contacted by the Innoscape team and you wonder why and how you should engage with us into an enriching experience both for you and our client.


Once you sign our Expert Terms of Engagement (stipulating the lack of conflicts of interest and the confidentiality commitments for all parties), we will include your short resume into the panel of experts selected for the specific project.

After the vetting of our client, we will organize an interaction between you and their project team – in a timing compatible with your schedule.

In a typical case you don’t have to prepare any specific study before the call, as our client will be interested from your personal experience and opinions.


IntelLink consists in interactions which are beneficial for both the expert and the client.

Our clients are focused on understanding a specific technical or market area as to accelerate a project. While they will take the lead on the discussion as to focus on the specific points to be covered, value will only emerge from the quality of the interaction where both parties are learning from each others and collectively brainstorming.

The interactions are most often creating value and interest for both parties and it is usual that some follow up interactions are scheduled as to refine the collective work during the initial interaction.


« Innoscape team did a good job in making sure that I understand the framework and the process related to IntelLink.
This made me very comfortable with the phone interaction and with the level of information that I should provide.

« The initial phone interaction led to several follow-ups as well as a face-to-face workshop with Innoscape’s client.
I became an extended member of the project team during that period, and I belive they were very satisfied with my contribution.

« While I was supposed to provide information to the other party, the process was also a learning experience for me.
I guess solving a problem as a group cannot be a one way discussion and this enriched both the client and myself.

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While experts are usually contacted directly by our team based on project requirements, please feel free to express your interest in joining the community.