IntelLink is designed to fill a defined market knowledge gap with a fast turn-around time.
Use cases cover: concept & idea test, application scoping, value proposition & market validation, branding, “voice of customer”, and geographical expansion projects.

Market intelligence tools are becoming obsolete:

Research yourself: time consuming and difficult to turn info into knowledge.

Buy market research reports: Expensive, a lot of useless information, quality of information questionable.

Hire a consultant: time wasted in finding the right consultant, usually expensive.

Tap into your existing network: not always neutral and unbiased, rarely “spot on” the need.

IntelLink is an innovative way of accessing fast and reliable information from experts through phone consultations.



Simple and transparent process:


Define the scope of engagement and targeted expert profiles.
Validate the short list of experts to be engaged and proceed with
direct consultations.


Identifies and proposes a selection of experts for validation.
Contracts with experts, signs non-disclosure agreements, then
organizes the consultations on your behalf.


Commit on Innoscape compliance and confidentiality T&C’s.
Provide industry expertise and directly interact with you.

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