Our solutions & services allowed our clients to save up to 35% on the time and resources they normally spend on market intelligence, while reducing their time to market by as much as 20%.

Our origins

Innoscape was founded in 2016 by senior executives from the chemical and industrial sectors upon the acquisition of MyInfoSet technology now being used as the base of the OpenWatch platform. The later addition of the IntelLink services enabled to create a combination of tools which leverages the possibilities offered by Open Data and Open Innovation.

Built around 3 first Open Innovation Hubs (Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai), we leverage local market intelligence in the most dynamic and innovative geographic areas.

Our team

Our team of researchers and project managers with an engineering education (M.Sc., PhD) and a local markets expertise, have extensive experience of the B2B industrial world (R&D, marketing, production).

As experience matters, we have brought together a supporting advisory network of senior fellows – all with 20+ years industrial experience from General Management, Marketing or R&D – interacting with our researchers on the most challenging client projects.

Dimitar Draganov

Co-founder & General Manager

Delphine Knab

Board member

Jean-François Boisson

Board member

Philippe de Lafaye

Executive Advisor

Na Liu

Product Manager Digital Intelligence

Laurent Blaizot

Board Member

Nicolas Martin

Marketing & Business Dev.Manager

Antoan Hristov

Software Developer

Sidoine Kakeuh-Fosso

Data Scientist & DataLake Architect

What we do

We redefine market intelligence processes.

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