Our team:

A combination of B2B managers and Experts in data.

Dimitar Draganov

Co-founder & General Manager

Marc Prevot

Co-founder, Business Développement

Sidoine Kakeuh-Fosso

Co-founder & CTO, DataLake Architect

Isabelle Maka

Senior Adviser

Laurent Blaizot

Board Member

Jean-François Boisson

Board member

Adlane Kadri

Software Engineer/Data Scientist

Cyrille Baron

Data Quality Engineer

Mohamed Bayoudh

Business Intelligence engineer

Razi Fertani

Front-end developer

Isabelle Le

Data Science and BI Intern

Kaoutar Louaraini

Digital Marketing & Communication Intern

Chiranjeevi Bevara

Big Data and Cloud Engineer Intern

Watching the web

A look at what Innoscape’s team are reading.


Transformation numérique des ETI : entre prise de conscience et mise en action.

11 Jun 2019
Usine Digitale

La transformation digitale et la mutation numérique sont désormais d’une importance incontestable pour les différents modèles d’affaires. Selon l’étude de l’institut CSA, les ETI deviennent de plus en plus conscientes de l’importance de la numérisation…

Les principales évolutions de la transformation digitale en 2019:

11 Jun 2019

Le potentiel de la transformation digitale est énorme et il contribuera à la pérennité des entreprises. Si vous vous interrogez sur l’intérêt de cette transformation, cet article vous informera sur les dernières tendances. 

Avis consommateurs : comment tirer votre épingle du jeu ?

27 Feb 2018

Apprenez à maîtriser l’impact des avis consommateurs sur votre business. Comment tourner la situation à votre avantage ? Depuis le 1er janvier 2018, tous les sites web collectant, modérant et/ou restituant des avis, devront respecter…

Prix ‘Entrepreneur Innovant’ du Salon du Co-Working, Paris

20 Nov 2017

Innoscape a remporté le trophée de l’Entrepreneur Innovant lors du Salon du Co-Working à Paris. Notre solution DaaS (Data as a Service) destinée aux fabricants de biens de bricolage & matériaux de construction a convaincu…

Open Data & Big Data for HR Managers

4 Jun 2017

HR Managers have traditionally been seen as reluctant to work with Open data, but this is definitely changing. At the request of one of our clients, INNOSCAPE established a set of KPIs based on Big…

Chemical industry: Market-insights as “force multiplier” for technology investment

23 Feb 2017
McKinsey & Company

McKinsey’s report “Chemicals Innovation: An Investment of Ages” is referenced as the most comprehensive public study on innovation in the chemical sector. The study identifies that most chemical companies are good at understanding the needs…

Saint-Gobain is moving to Open Data

5 Sep 2016
Usine Nouvelle (in French)

The story of how Saint-Gobain identified Open Data as a global IT project through competing Big Data initiatives. The project team has ambitious targets for collecting and structuring a large scope of external data. The…

Innovation Isn’t an Idea Problem

23 Jul 2016
Harvard Business Review

David Burkus is going against mainstream corporate thinking where we hear often statements as “we need more ideas, think outside of the box”. He argues that instead companies have to improve the process of ideas…

Gartner Predicts Three Big Data Trends for Business Intelligence

12 Feb 2015

Great article from Gartner emphasising the importance of external data sources. “Your company’s biggest database isn’t your transaction, CRM, ERP or other internal database. Rather it’s the web itself and the world of syndicated and…

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